1. It’s your occasion, not ours

We want to complement your event not compete for attention.  Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday or a business event, it’s about you ... not us.  We play at a comfortable volume, so you can still have a conversation.

2. Service with a smile

We’re here to provide a service.  First, we’ll listen to you, so we understand what you want.  We’ll help you and give advice where you need it.  Then we’ll agree the details, and write to you to confirm exactly what we’ll do.

Finally, we’ll turn up on time and just do our job.

3. Background  ... but not bland

Wallpaper can be funky and interesting.  It can be bold and creative.  Similarly,  background music need not become bland ‘lift music’.  It should remain inspired and preserve its integrity.

4. Honesty ... it’s the best policy

Years of experience as working musicians have taught us what works and what doesn’t. We can help  you choose what will be best for your event.  And if we don’t think we’d be the right choice for you, we’ll tell you.

We have a simple philosophy.

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